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Camp On The Farm

Mosaic Montessori is excited to announce a new partnership with Jubilee Farm, offering a summer camp designed for curious children aged 3-9 years old. This immersive experience will take children on a journey through the fascinating world of food production, from the nurturing of seeds to the bountiful harvest, exploring sustainable farming practices along the way.


Certified teachers will guide small groups of children, with a ratio of six children per adult, ensuring personalized attention and a safe environment. Children will have hands-on experiences on the farm, learning about its inner workings and forging lasting memories. They will also form bonds with farm animals, fostering empathy and understanding towards these gentle creatures.


Open spaces and playful activities will provide ample opportunities for children to explore and create, while engaging crafts sessions will nurture their artistic inclinations and teach valuable skills.


Join us this summer for an unforgettable experience where children can learn, thrive, and celebrate the beauty of farm life.

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